Originally from Queensland, I’m a second-generation Aboriginal and as such being in nature connecting with the elements, and animals is most natural to me. It’s also where I feel most comfortable having been born into a social environment of human grief.   

From a young age I learned that my senses were guiding me at a vibrational level (good vibes and not so good vibes). They became my source of truth, as was my gut (Solar Plexus chakra), often responding to the unhealthy environments and dysfunctional relationships I was being exposed too.

As I grew to an adult I realised that moving with breath (asana) was supporting this intuitive way of navigating human life. Our eyes witness body language – the strongest form of human communication, our ears hear positive and negative sound, smell instantly recalls good and not so good memories and touch is our way of physically connecting with one other – an extension of the Heart chakra.

Learning to trust my senses as guides have enabled me to deepen my relationship with self and the aspects that make us whole – a physical body, a conscious and subconscious mind, and our energetic layers.

This integrated perspective inspired me to study a Diploma of Energetic Healing and complete Reiki Levels 1, 2 and Master. Here I learnt through knowledge and experience that our energy system communicates with us long before the physical and mental symptoms start to appear, which are often manifestations of suppressed, trapped and stagnant lived experiences (energy blockages).

Now I’ve cultivated my gift of being able to sense and feel people’s energy fields and rebalance imbalances through our subtle energy layers. I’ve embraced being gifted with a vibrational presence that allows people to feel safe and supported to speak their truth, and find the courage to confront their ‘stuff’.

My passion is to connect you with the magic of felt experience, to THINK less and FEEL more.

To be guided through intuition, and to lead from the heart.

To vibe your tribe.

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