Acknowledgement to country

As a Waka Waka woman and a wellness practitioner, I am committed to cultivating unity and sharing in reciprocity for First Nations people and the wellness community.

As a Director for Ngungwulah Aboriginal Corporation (NAC), I am committed to aligning with AHPRA (Australia Health Practitioner Regulation Agency) Joint Statement to help 800,000+ registered health practitioners provide culturally safe wellness services.

I do this by encouraging all wellness practitioners (clinical, complimentary, and specialist) to complete NAC’s First Nations Cultural Training which covers:

  • What it means to practice, teach and hold space on country
  • Yawning, normalising ceremony and creating real Acknowledement of country
  • Reciprocity through caring and connecting with country and community
  • Navigating territorial and cultural appropriation
  • Exploring ancestry, tribal lands, songlines, totemic connections, and aligning with natural cycles
  • Exploring traditional wellness through decolonising health systems and learning traditional wisdom for modern lives (Dadirri, Wayapa, Kanyini and We Al-li and Ngangkarri

I also offer Acknowledgement and Connection to Country offerings being held on country as an opportunity to co-create and guide you on how to weave in indigenous practices to your work event, business offering and/or personal occasion.

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