Women’s circle and nude yoga workshops

It is my deep honour and privilege to be able to offer Naked Awakening®  workshops on behalf of Rosie Rees, a sacred space for divine feminine empowerment, authentic being, and body image acceptance.

I attended my first nude yoga workshop with Rosie Rees in 2018 where I experienced a deep resonance with coming into a sacred circle – transforming vulnerability into courage and nude yoking with others. This resonance inspired me to complete licenced facilitator training to help women normalise, destigmatise and desexualise female nudity through the art of naked yoga, meditation and breathwork.

As a Waka Waka woman, mother, daughter, and soul-sister who is passionate about being inclusive (no matter your age, shape, size, colour, or gender), I hold a safe space for females to become more comfortable in their naked body, cultivate unapologetic authenticity and embrace a life of sovereignty.

What to expect:

  • A three-hour facilitated workshop beginning in a robe
  • A sacred, candle-lit, essential oil-infused yoga space (heated or cooled when necessary)
  • Authentic yarn (sharing) circle of women
  • Beginners level nude yoga embodiment practice
  • Breath, sound, and movement “express & release” techniques
  • Sensual eating and tea ceremony
  • Aboriginal Oracle Chakra Goddess card readings
  • A safe environment to be completely real and authentic

I offer workshops in Sydney, Canberra, Wollongong, Central Coast, Newcastle, Blue Mountains, Byron Bay, and additional locations on request.

Please register via the links below.