Energy medicine for the being

Energetic Healing serves to shift stagnant, blocked or adultered energy from the being by manipulating the energy circuits in and around our body to bring you back to a state of balance.

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Energy chakra healing

Energetic Healing

Energetic Healing is a broad term that refers to manipulating the energy circuits in and around our body to shift stagnant or blocked energy from the body and bring you back to a state of balance. Life events and exposure to negative environments can interrupt the flow and vibrational quality of the Energy System where I use a range of energetic techniques to tap in and rebalance these subtle energetic layers of the body.


Soul Coaching

A 3-6 month transformation package for those seeking to live a life of embodiment; to evolve their conscious connection, or to just be a more authentic human – combining energetic healing practices, soul-centered counseling (psychology-based mindfulness), and wellness advice to support your being’s evolvement.

Nude Yoga Workshops

Naked Awakening™  workshops are a sacred space for divine feminine empowerment, authentic being, and body image acceptance – designed to help women normalise, destigmatise and desexualise female nudity through the art of nude yoga, meditation and breathwork.

Reiki Healing

Reiki is a Japanese practice that channels Ki or life force energy to strengthen the electromagnetic field in and around the body, using symbols and attunements. Receiving Reiki enables us to increase the vibrational flow through our auric and energetic fields (Energy System), to realise our connection with all forms of life and to live in alignment – to be at One with all.

The Energy System

Soul Star Chakra

A foot above the head is the Soul Star Chakra known as the energetic library of data, containing the details of your soul’s journey.

Crown Chakra

At the top of the head is the Crown Chakra known as the conscious space that governs awareness, time and information.

Third Eye Chakra

In the center of the head at eye level is the Third Eye Chakra known as the light force that perceives, knows and commands.



Throat Chakra

Located in the neck region, the Throat Chakra is the area of purification through sound through communication, self-expression and speaking your truth.

Heart Chakra

In the centre of the chest lies the Heart Chakra known as the function of love, and our ability to love, be loved, practice kindness, install peace and show compassion.

Solar Plexus Chakra

Just below the sternum above the navel is the Solar Plexus known as the yellow, lustrous gem – representative of your will power and gut instinct.

Sacral Chakra

Moving up to the sacrum area, the Sacral Chakra’s meaning is sweetness and is representative of desire, emotion, sexuality, and creativity.

Root Chakra

Located at the base of the spine (Perineum), red represents the base or root chakra drawing energy from the ground – representing survival, instinct, security and safety.

Earth Star Chakra

Located a foot beneath the feet, the Earth Star Chakra connects to our collective mother, her fault lines and song lines.