Third eye chakra healing

Third Eye | Ajna

In the center of the head at eye level is the Third Eye Chakra known as the light force that perceives, knows and commands. As a luminescence that gifts us with our mind, insight, intuition, and wisdom, the Third Eye Chakra acts as the name suggests – providing a gateway to the ether of psychic perception.

Working in unison with our physical eyes or perceiving tools of the brain, the Third Eye Chakra acts as a building block for both our memories of the past and imagination of the future. As a vast storage or ‘cloud’ of images that the body and mind interpret, an imbalance is likely to manifest in the eyes, ears, nose and nervous system.

How to balance Anja: Chant ‘Om’, meditate often and practice mindfulness in all that you do. Honour your pineal gland (the melatonin producer) and gain regular, restful sleep in return. Explore meals with rosemary and sage, infuse beverages with peppermint essential oil, and keep it classy and classic wearing shades of indigo and navy blue.