Swadhisthana sacral chakra

Sacral Chakra | Swadhisthana

Moving up to the sacrum area, the Sacral Chakra is the center of sexuality, emotion, sensation, pleasure, and movement. Centered between the navel and genitals, the Sacral Chakra relates to the water element and corresponds to our bodily functions such as blood circulation, urinary elimination, sexuality, and reproduction.

Visualised as orange the Sacral Chakra’s meaning is sweetness where an imbalance is likely to manifest physically in the sexual organs, lower vertebrae, pelvis/hips and/or bladder which links to bladder, kidney and reproductive issues, pelvic and lower back pain, and urinary issues.

How to balance Swadhistana: Chant ‘Vam’, do Setubandasana and pelvic rocks. Wear sweet, juicy shades of orange and consume fluids such as oranges, mandarins, carrot, and pumpkin soup. Let your creative side shine and give Tantra yoga a go! Most importantly – invest in creative activities where you have the freedom to express yourself, and nurture healthy relationships.