Meditation | Mindfulness

Meditation (dhyana) is a process of cultivating stillness in the mind and achieving a deeper quality of wisdom and presence in our lives. We achieve this by altering our state of consciousness from Beta (awake) to Alpha (relaxed), to Theta (meditative) and Delta (subconscious/asleep); and balancing a mix of being ‘on’ (observing, interpreting and analysing) and ‘off’ (deep meditation and sleep).

Keeping up a regular practice builds technique and discipline allowing you to cultivate both active and creative AND quite and receptive mind skills. The benefits can be measured in all aspects of the being providing a space for the body to rest and regenerate; improve cognition in the brain and accessing intuitive insights through the mind and subtle revelations through the energy system.

There are many techniques that have been passed down from ancient cultures and traditions through my sessions are focused on concentrative meditation and mindfulness meditation. Concentration meditation allows you to focus your attention on a specific object such as the breath (pranayama), mantra or a candle flame while mindfulness meditation brings your awareness to the present moment to connect with daily actions and/or rituals such as eating, playing instruments and all forms of flow and movement.

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