energy chakra healing

As a holistic practitioner and member of the International Energetic Healing Association, my aim is to nurture, enrich and inspire all beings to live empowered lives through qualified energetic practices. Our energetic system is an intricate aspect of the being with electromagnetic fields running in and around the body and as such, I recommend working with practitioners that have obtained accredited qualifications and experience.

It has been an honour and privilege to study with a number of credible teachers whom I would like to acknowledge for sharing their sacred learnings and wisdom: 

  • Linda James for introducing me to the energy system and how to evolve through each chakra,
  • Jacqui Bushell for sharing her fifth linage Reiki teachings from Dr. Mikao himself,
  • Louise Gilmore for sharing her meditation techniques and wisdom on group facilitation,
  • Aurora Hammond for authentically blending psychotherapy and energetic practices to communicate with the soul,
  • Bharath Shetty for holding space for me to complete a 250hr yoga teaching training intensive,
  • Rosie Rees for guiding me through the Naked Awakening mentorship 1:1, and
  • Skye Amy, my daughter, for being my biggest teacher yet.

I hold valid insurance with Insurance Made Easy (IME) and my qualifications are listed below: